Benefits of loan pre-approval

Before even starting to shop for a home to buy, you need to check if you can get a mortgage loan. A loan pre-approval will act as proof of credibility to the seller that you can afford to purchase their property. It is the easiest way to buy a home. It is also possible for the first pre-approved loan to be rejected in case of any flaws during the verification of documents. Here are the benefits of having a mortgage pre-approval letter from a lender.


A secured or unsecured loan pre-approval includes the loan amount that you qualify for. You can, therefore, concentrate on finding the right home, but if you are struggling with debt, think about the consequences of taking on more debt. You can consequently narrow or widen your search for those homes that you can afford. At the same time, you can also put more effort into examining the features of the houses you find interesting.

Likewise, your real estate agent will also be in a position to give you better deals. They know what to focus on in terms of size, neighbourhood and conditions that also meet your financial situation.


You can increase your bargaining power knowing that you can afford the home in question. You are also in a position to make an offer which carries more weight. Providing the seller with the letter confirming pre-approval for a mortgage gives them the confidence that they have found the right buyer. It will increase the chances of getting the property since not many sellers are willing to wait on other potential buyers without evidence of credibility.

It quickens the closing period

When you have a pre-approval, appraisals are easy to obtain. They can even be ordered immediately and processed in even less than a week. It is made possible by the unavailability of the window period. As a result, it is possible to close in a month especially if the seller wants to move quickly.

Knowledge of your budget

Through pre-approvals, you get to know the amount of loan you qualify for. You get to decide how much you want to borrow and with the help of a real estate agent, you can look for houses that fit your budget. You can even take time to seek advice from a financial adviser on your financial status before shopping for a home.

Reduces stress when house hunting

With a pre-approval, you can zero down on the right houses for you. Skipping a pre-approval is likely to be stressful. You spend lots of time looking through many homes that you are not even sure that you can afford. The seller will also want evidence that you are eligible to buy their property. As a result, house hunting is likely to take longer than expected. Your offer may even get rejected over time which frustrating.

Final word

When you are a qualified buyer, you have less to worry about. Hire the services of a mortgage advisor to help you get the best mortgage deal with a reasonable interest rate. Analyze your home requirements to ensure that you can close when the loan is at your disposal. It would be unfair to pay for a loan yet you have not moved in.